Blogging, learning and relearning.

Here are some of things I noticed looking at my emails and reading some nice blogs, looking at very pretty Printables and informative emails:

There is a vast arena of ideas to choose from. So many my head is spinning trying to decide which ones would be the best to help me personally. I am learning to read everything more thoroughly to be sure I am getting what I need. I have bought things that I am still wondering why I did. I have vowed to become more selective and understanding my need before purchasing.

A lot of people are supporting each other and that is wonderful. They say good things about what others are doing and are so willing to share good, instructive, well thought out ideas. Bonuses, everyone has bonuses, which is awesome, but at first I was really confused by all of that. However, as I am learning as I go, it has just taken a little longer. Maybe my age, but that was noted reluctantly by me. Believe me everyone of the silver threads on my head were honestly earned.

One thing I have noticed though is more typo’s in e-mails and blogs. Honestly have been trying to slow down myself and catch my errors before I publish. Do you suppose we are all trying so hard to match putting out another idea before someone else has that same idea? Perhaps we feel like we need to work faster and faster? The word everyone has been using is overwhelmed. Are we all overwhelmed? Maybe, maybe not. That decision has to be made by you. Then you have to decide what you want to do about it.

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Sometimes you have to just take a chance, things will work out

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