Men and blogging

photograph of man with dog

I am surprised that we do not see more men just blogging. Expressing their honest opinions on what is going on in their homes, families, jobs, adventures, or just general sharing. Blogging about caring for a baby, blogging about what it means to be a dad, blogging about church, blogging about hygiene, what about loneliness. Here’s another idea what about pets!

There are so many topics out there that men could say here is my take on this adventure called life. Your side of the story perhaps. It doesn’t have to be a book just a page on your thoughts. You see lots of men in the affiliate marketing side of thing, but not just blogging.

The above are my thoughts on men and blogging. All these bundles for sale right now and there are not many men listed. I am sure your mind is working all the time. You don’t have to stop working. Keep your job just begin to write your thoughts down on how you might blog in a very productive, interesting manner and be a good example to other men.

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