Blogging can be fun

You find yourself seriously thinking about learning how to blog. What does learning how to blog, really mean? Do you want to blog about flowers, blog about fashion, blog about caring for others? It takes work, dedication and time to think, research, and then write. Everyone blogging is not kind and ready to share and it takes time to find a base of bloggers that you respect. Take an evening or two and put your thoughts in order, before starting this new venture.

Questions to ask yourself

What do I hope to achieve? If the first answer out of your mouth is get rich! Stop and start a budget !! Basically a budget that lets you honestly evaluate your money situation as it is right now. The majority of blogs I have read, the people talk about the hard work they have put into their blogging.

If the second answer is eventually maybe start a business. Take a few minutes and then start answering the questions below.

What is going to be your niche? What does niche mean to you.

How are you with organizational skills?

Are you a procrastinator? Will you be a person who says tomorrow is another day? All of a sudden you find the days are just flying by and you have not finished anything.

What are you good at and what do you need to work on? Make a list of what you can do well, and how you might develop it to help someone else?

What is your understanding of techie stuff? When something technologically new comes along, everyone says this is so easy you will have no problem at all. Ha! Ha!! No matter what, you may want someone in your corner who will help you.

What does multi-tasking mean to you? Blogging could become just another task to an observer. You might hear all you do is work on your computer!! Can you multi-task to make others happy?

What about affiliate marketing and blogging?

What does your family think about blogging? Have you had a sit down discussion with them? What free time do you have now to enjoy your children or family in general?

Is your family willing to do more chores if necessary? Do they already do their part in helping you to stay organized?

How does your significant other, husband, or wife feel about this new venture?


No matter what you decide, do some research on your own. Just doing a blog can become an expensive venture. You will say I am not going to buy anything extra. I will work with what I have. Many of us have said the same thing but once bitten by the blogging bugs, watch out. What are blogging bugs? Well, I have never seen them up real close, but I can tell you they can cost you lots of money and probably 50% of what you buy you will never read or use.

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