Ups and Downs, Interesting time.

My mind is simply running like a train, but I feel I am missing the tracks at times. It’s like my cup of coffee is running over but when I check it I find a full cup hours old and cold.

Everyone is rushing, including me to get things done. It takes a lot of time every day to check and see what is going on in the world of planners, Printables, gifts, and things you would like to learn more about but time is of the essence.

Our daughter, Susan has been a God send for me as she answers questions I have and always steers me in the right direction. She is very gifted and has a mind that can jump from one thing to another and find answers. She is my coach in this arena. A great task master, she won’t let me stop, until I say I am going to bed, I’m exhausted. I know she is too.

Brag time here all our children are thoughtful, kind and caring adults. The three (have to include our granddaughter Kacey, who comes with her mother weekly, sometimes bearing treats. Special thank you Kacey ) that live here locally, each take a turn every week taking my husband to Dialysis at 6AM, especially now that it is dark in the morning. When the others come to visit they (including son in laws)take turns. All six of them our children are very intelligent, creative, show good work ethic, and have minds that makes me think God has been very good to my husband and I. Thank you

This trip into the printable world, has been an adventure for me. I never have been a good writer, but I sure am trying to learn. It’s important to your peace of mind that as you age, you have something to help you grow, feel good about yourself and gives me strength to help when necessary, to be a caregiver to my wonderful husband of many years. I may last only a few more days, or God may say oh no I am not ready for you yet. Hope he will be ready for me, sometime. Do not want an elevator ride below.

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