Health! What does that mean to you?

No matter what your age! No matter how tired you are! No matter how stressed you feel! Your health needs to become of prime importance to you. Definition of the word health -??? You do not need to become a fanatic about your health but you should care about it.

You say to yourself, she doesn’t understand. She doesn’t have to walk in my shoes. She doesn’t have the demands on her life that I have on mine. Your right I don’t but I do know this, your good health, most of that is up to you.

If it is up to you, that means you have to commit to a plan of action and stay with that to improve your health. So here are a few things for you to think about:

Think carefully about what type of commitment you are making? Is it doable for you?

Date and write down what you hope to accomplish each day.

Who is going to be your support person? Someone who really wants to help you succeed?

Who is going to do the cooking and shopping?

Limit going out to eat. Why? Expensive plus you always eat more when you go out. Will help your budget.

Share with your physician your plan to improve your health. He/she may have some thoughts to share with you especially where your medications are concerned. Always share so they can help you when you need it.

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