Our fun? weekend!

Saturday was a beautiful day, sunny and warm. Our daughter Cindy and her husband David came over with their granddaughter Elena. We decided to go out to the back yard and get the swing and table out of the shed for us to use. In all my infinite wisdom, I decided to lock the storm door to the front of the house since we were all out back and I went out to join everyone.

They got the swing out and I was going to go inside and get the cushions. Guess what the back door, had somehow gotten locked! There we were with both storm doors to the house locked. We tried every gardening tool we could find in our shed to unlock the door. Even our little great granddaughter was trying to help. No go! Called our daughter-in-law Ruth and she came over with some tools to try the door. We were honestly ready to break the door or a window, but wiser minds prevailed. All of a sudden Ruth saw a small hole in the door. Allen wrench!! Which of course none of us had. Our wonderful neighbor came to the rescue with allen wrenches and our daughter was finally able to get the door unlocked.

We went inside to cool off and relax. I think everyone was exhausted.

Sunday morning we got up and thought we would go to church at 10AM. Guess what we could not get our garage door opened. It opened a couple of inches and slammed shut and I do mean slammed shut.

Talked with our daughter Cindy later in the day and told her what was happening. Back came David and Cindy to our house, because she thought her and Ruth might have turned something on the garage door trying to get us in the house. David got the door unlocked and we were able to go to church, much later.

Thought you might enjoy the comedy of errors. You never know what can happen in a day. Thank you to everyone who helped us through the weekend.

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