Easter here already and gone.

It hardly seems possible that Easter has passed us by already. It was a beautiful day here and we had a nice relaxing time. Good food and fun visiting with every one. Kathy changed how we set up our tables and the younger members of the family felt like they had graduated to the grown up table. It was neat the difference it mad. They got to share more in the conversations than they previously had. This would not have worked if our whole family was here. Remember we have a big family.

The year is racing along with our holidays. The weather has been up and down. Yesterday it was cool but pretty. Today when we got up it was snowing. Yes, snowing and later in the morning snow was still on the ground. Then it was just cloudy and gloomy all day. Our weather professionals are predicting temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s by the end of the week.

When you are learning new ideas, that is exactly how you feel at times. Like the weather, all over the place. What should you learn? How will it help you get new followers? What is the value of what you purchase, versus what is the benefit. Will you be able to explain things intelligently to others? These thoughts roll around in your brain.

If you are enjoying Selections from Barb, I hope you will decide to follow. New and exciting, I hope things happening.

Sometimes you have to just take a chance things will work out for the best.

My Etsy shop has been set up, hope you take a few to take a peek.

Below is the direct link to my Diabetic Planner. It is a great educational tool for those with diabetes, or those whose loved ones have diabetes.


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