Big Families can be fun~

Big families I am sure I have talked about before. They can be lots of fun and challenging at times, but hey that is what life is all about. Our family is continuing to grow! We had six children, we have 18 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren, both girls. Two more great grandchildren on the way, both boys! All we wish for are safe deliveries and good health for all mothers and babies. So exciting.

Thinking back I had forgotten how much energy, how much vitality, how much love children so freely give to us. Being a mom and dad are 24/7 jobs and are not easily taken on. You become a :

  • Protector
  • Instiller of values, so they makes a person think before doing something wrong.
  • Promoter of learning, so it is fun, exciting, interesting, door opening and leaves you wanting to learn more.

So much more we could reflect on but the above are just a few of my thoughts. Want to share with you :

Young ones love to be entertained almost non-stop and that takes much ingenuity on the part of the parents. Many times their attention can only be focused for short periods, so whatever you decide to challenge them with has to be attention getting and planned.

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  1. I now am reminded how much time it takes to come up with creative things to do with children. Now that we have our three grandsons one day a week we can struggle to avoid the TV.


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