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  • Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Specialist, Therapist prepare for a relaxing visit.

    Its that time of year again, where we all try to get our physician, specialist therapist, and all other medical, dental and vision tests up to date. Before we know it August will be here and there we will be wondering when we will have time to do our Christmas shopping!!! Preparing for the above […]

  • Family helping out.

    Family helping out.

    What a wonderful Monday morning), it was so much fun and a great learning experience. Granddaughter came over to help me with my pintable’s and daughter here from Texas she is so creative. Always 10 steps ahead with great, whitty, funny coupons. We were working on coupons for my Etsy store and had fun laughing. […]

  • Right and Wrong boards. What an opportunity.

    Thinking about things like the above is something we all need to do, especially considering the status our world as a whole tonight. So here are my thoughts, read them or not, it OK with me. I just need to say what is on my mind. We are so lucky to live where we do, […]

  • Big Families can be fun~

    Big Families can be fun~

    Big families I am sure I have talked about before. They can be lots of fun and challenging at times, but hey that is what life is all about. Our family is continuing to grow! We had six children, we have 18 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren, both girls. Two more great grandchildren on the […]

  • One big leaf left on our tree!

    One big leaf left on our tree!

    One big leaf left on our tree. There are a couple of smaller ones also, but this one is a big big one. It almost reminds me of a flower. You can see the leaves have not been raked up yet. On the list of things to do. This morning we woke up to snow […]

  • Autumn with the trees changing colors fast.

    Autumn with the trees changing colors fast.

    Been a rainy weekend and beginning of a new week, not particularly cold but rainy. The trees are turning colors fast. Vibrant colors orange, red and yellow. Means there will be many leaves for some to rake. Lots of out doors work to be done. Raking, weeding, trimming, planting and for some of us we […]

  • Tea Collection

    A selection of summer and fall clothing for girls, boys and babies. Unique and interesting. Fall is coming and of course colder weather is right around the corner. Mix & Match is a good page to look at. What makes this special are outfits that show a set of three tees and two pair of […]



    We had a wonderful weekend at the first family reunion in over two years. We had all ages from 90 years old to 10 months. The weather was beautiful, a little cool in the morning but it warmed up nicely during the day. There was food galore I mean everything . We had fried chicken, […]

  • Tea Collection for the summer SS Such enchanting outfits to look at. Something for the young. At play or just having fun enjoying the summer. Outfits for infants, toddlers and those older. There are sale items available on summer items . Try Tea Collection and learn how they give back. This blog contains affiliated links. As an Amazon Associate, […]

  • Meri Meri

    Meri Meri

    Meri Meri Planning a party for one of the upcoming special days in your life. Hope you decide to check out Meri Meri and see if they have anything unique, that might suit your party. Wonderful party themes for delighting children and adults everywhere. Imagination running at great speed. In the world of make believe […]