Autumn with the trees changing colors fast.

Been a rainy weekend and beginning of a new week, not particularly cold but rainy. The trees are turning colors fast. Vibrant colors orange, red and yellow. Means there will be many leaves for some to rake. Lots of out doors work to be done. Raking, weeding, trimming, planting and for some of us we still have grass to get mowed.

It is so wonderful to watch the little ones walking in the leaves, trying to pick them up and move them around. Such delight on their faces. It must be wonderful to believe that much and enjoy things you do. It is a time to smile with them and hug and love them.

Good time to also get out your to do list. Instead of focusing on the holidays, just plain work on your house and get things taken care of that you have been putting off. How about your garage? Is it ready for the winter? Think about coming right into your garage in the bad weather. Look at things in the garage that are just waiting for you to make up your mind to do the proper thing like throw away or donate. I hope you are not someone who leaves things by the road side. Talk about helping the environment!

They always say if you have not used something in a year then get rid of it. It always depends on what that something is according to my way of thinking. It may be something I will always need. Don’t think like me, just begin and start pitching.

Do clean the garage if nothing else gets done right now. It will help with the coming season and give you a good sense of accomplishment

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