Cold as it should be in January!

Personally I would like to see a little snow. Of course I say that softly as most people don’t want snow. Every winter needs some snow so we can have our fill of winter sports. It has been cold but really not any snow to speak of. Think how the kids feel that got new sleds for Christmas, a snow board or just a regular pair of ski’s. Such fun when you can use them. Winter sports can be exhilarating once you get the hang of them. There is nothing so nice as a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows to warm you up when you are finished.

So what you doing to help your kids stay physically fit? Do they have an exercise session in school or if they are schooling at home, what is the routine to keep them fit? Just think you might benefit from the fitness sessions yourself. When our grandchildren come over and they are getting restless I try to think of different things for them to do physically, such as go backward on your hands and feet trying to keep your butt off the floor. Here’s another one that might work, hop twenty times forward and then twenty times backward. Didn’t say I was a genius, just trying to keep them entertained.

Fun with the dog

What about finding place that you could set up, maybe in your lower level, where you could have a dog wash and offer a prize if the job is well done.

Supplies that you will need, be prepared. Head to Amazon and get everything assembled.

Has to be rules about keeping the place organized and clean, and the dog being really clean when finished. This has to include the place cleaned up before collecting the prize. Don’t forget the dog may need a blanket for awhile or a sweater, as they get cold also. How about tickets to the theater on the weekend to see a new movie, they really, really, want to see.

Think about all the exercise the kids are getting. A child who doesn’t participate do not share in the prize. Of course I didn’t say it would be fun for you, but we can’t have everything we want. Take one day at a time and enjoy it. Life is just too short.

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