How is your life treating you?

This last month has been challenging to say the least. You just think you are getting things a bit more organized and then you realize how much more you have to do. Now the decision is what should you do next? Nothing! Tackle a small job!! Work each day on keeping things more organized!!! This is on you. How are you going to move forward?

You can write another list with numbers according to their importance and assign them or you could put assignments on straws and have family members draw a straw and be responsible for getting that chore done. You could try putting projects that need to be done in a box and have family members draw an assignment. Problem is some assignments may be tougher than others.

Halloween went by in a flash and Thanksgiving is running to meet us. Black Friday is being toted every day. It almost makes you feel like you need to put on roller skates to keep up. Everyone is having sales and more sales.

I remember when we all started Christmas preparation, not before Halloween, but after Thanksgiving letting families enjoy Thanksgiving . The weather would be starting to change. Originally coming from Iowa, I remember Thanksgiving with snow. It was so exciting. Maybe the Holidays were hectic, and only the good things remain in my memory bank.

What about a time out day! ! Even half a day Time out from everything related to a schedule, errands, work, school etc. Only relaxing fun things can be done on that day. OK, we probably have to put a time limit on that or the whole family will rebel.

Here are some suggestions for you:

Make your home smell enchanting . Purchase a diffuser and some essential oils that makes you like relax, such as lavender. Then relax.

Find someone to watch your little ones for a morning or afternoon. You will then pay them back so they can take a time out day.

Think, do you want a bubble bath, or would you rather go to a yoga class? Do you want a massage to work the kinks out of your neck and shoulders. Don’t forget the guys here maybe they want a day out also.

Maybe you just want to take a nap without interruption, listen to some nice music or read a good book. Treat yourself to lunch out. Do something spontaneous without worrying about having to pick someone up, take someone to a doctor visit etc.

Think how refreshed you will feel and you can begin again with renewed energy and confidence.

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