Retirement! When?

Here I am writing about retirement and low and behold here comes information on retirement from the bank and financial planner. So I will compare as I write, my post with what their experts have to say.

When you begin thinking about retirement, even talking about it, you had better dot all your I’s and cross all your T’s. What do I mean, I mean you had better have a plan in place and be prepared.

In your 40’s you think ok, I have plenty of time to worry about planning for retirement. In your 50’s you think I’d better be putting some money away for retirement. In your 60’s you panic and say Oh boy will I ever be able to retire? Then you hit your 70’s , your now retired and have been for a while, you start thinking I wonder how long our money will last.

Senior citizens are living longer and retirement can last a long time. Do not retire too early. Expenses continue when you are retired and no matter how plan unexpected things can happen.

You need a plan, both the bank and financial planner said basically the same thing, YOU NEED TO PLAN. YOU NEED A PLAN.

  • What kind of a lifestyle do you want to enjoy when you retire? Take another job? Volunteer? Travel? Just baby sit grandchildren? Develop a hobby? Think about it.
  • Budget now. Try to increase savings while you are still working. IF YOU OVERSPEND NOW WHAT WILL YOU DO WHEN YOU RETIRE? If you are not good at budgeting, get some help. There are plenty of professionals or even take a class in basic budgeting to get on an even keel.
  • Do not forget about medical expenses ever. Be prepared ! What about unexpected emergencies
  • Maintenance on the car, the house, the yard etc.

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