Gifted child, special needs child, or twice exceptional child? Learn to advocate for your child.


If the above sounds interesting to you, please visit and read this blog to work on learning the language available to help you act in the best interest of your child and make #educated choices.

The ABCs of special education is #packed full of words and definitions used by #teachers #administrators#social workers and #physicians. It was written by a woman certified in Special Education in Curriculum and Instruction. She has been teaching more than 17 years and opened her home to foster children with special needs. Her adopted sons, one learning disabled and the other one twice exceptional gave her valuable first-hand experience beyond the classroom setting. She is well qualified to address questions or comments you may have to be the best advocate for your child. Her blog is Suze the Muse and the hyperlink to the article is “The ABCs of Special Education”

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