School Days, School Days

In the mid-west children are on their way back to school all ready. Bus stops that have been empty this summer were surrounded with children and parents all bright eyed and excited. Moms and Dads waving good bye as their young one went on their way.

Autumn and then winter will be here before we know it . What is your special secret to keeping your children excited and wanting to go to school? Here are couple of maybe unique ideas to help:

On week ends have the children help make special treats for each day after school, that only can be eaten on days when a good job has been done at school.

Let each child make a special jar, call it a savings jar, decorated by them. Put the jars away and bring out one day each week (selected by you). Let your child put some money in the jar if they were kind to someone they do not normally hang with. Save the money for a special outing. Should the child decide what the special outing will be ?

Motivate your child to want to go to school. Make the world of learning more fun and enjoyable.


Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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