Essential Oils -Part 2

I recently read , on Pinterest, an article about essential oils and their respective companies.  Of course, I had to read as mine was one of the companies.  Boy, that article really shook the bushes and had everyone wanting to be heard.  I don’t believe I have ever seen so many comments from a blog.

The writer of the blog was just stating her opinion about the subject.  I am not sure if I was more upset by the comments or the article.  Then I thought isn’t it wonderful, that we live where people have the freedom to express their opinion.

Essential oils and the world of essential oils is not any different than any other business.  The problem is everyone wants you and I to state an opinion similar to theirs immediately, without looking at all the facts.

The solution, in my mind, is we need to decide for ourselves what we want to do.  If your interest is in aromatherapy, essential oils and plant therapy then educate yourself.  That does not mean you have to become certified ( my opinion).  You need to look at the 5 things I listed in Part 1 and see if you are ready to learn more about the world of essential oils.

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