Case managers!  What is/are their roles?


Their role is to follow up, either before, during or after a medical event. That is their job! Problem is to learn how to work effectively, efficiently and pleasantly with them.

Just sat down to watch your favorite TV program or supper is ready and you want to eat before it is cold. The phone rings and it is your case manager!  Oh no, but remember this is his/her job to be sure you are following the directions given to you by your physician/counselor.

Case Managers job is important so why not compromise with he/she and set up a plan that is workable for both of you.

  1. Establish an appropriate time for the call. Find out if this call will be weekly, monthly or otherwise.
  2. Find out what information will be needed for each call, such as blood pressure readings. Maybe you are working on a weight loss plan and your case manager/case coordinator needs to know number of pounds lost or gained.
  3. What about balance issues. Will this be a topic of discussion during the call? Do you use a cane or a walker?  Have you fallen?
  4. Is physical therapy necessary due to your condition? Be ready to discuss briefly, but truthfully.
  5. Counseling? Considered part of the plan or not? Was it recommended as part of your care plan?

OK! You have a case manager!  Be prepared for the call.  Discuss what else is available, if current plan is not working.  Always be sure your options are covered by your health plan.#casemanager#casecoordinator#healthplans#weightloss

Revised from 9/23/18


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