Learning how much there is that can benefit us in the world of Young Living Essential Oils.

Sharing as I learn and want you to learn.  Did not know anything when I first became an independent distributor for Young Living.  Never in my wildest when we left our home that morning to go to a craft show, did I think I would come home as an independent distributor.

A good idea for all of us is to see a general overall picture of what is available with Young Living Essential Oils.

Here is some of the information I am going to share with you during my learning journey:

  1. Learning more about the quality of our oils
  2. Not being afraid to try new things and being able to explain why!
  3. Oils, Oils and more oils. What is a base oil?  What oils to use for recipes & how.
  4. Uses of each individual oil
  5. Men’s products
  6. Can you make good smelling scents for both men and women!
  7. Starter kit as a Mother’s Day Gift? Why!  Why not!
  8. Make up
  9. Oils for cooking
  10. Oils for children
  11. Diffusers

These are just a few things that I could think of right now.  Will be letting you know successes and not so successful ventures.  Join me.  Let me know under comments (on my blog) if you have questions you have not had answered.

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Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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