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Sharing can be a great source of learning. A good example is blogging. Just think how amazing, bloggers are with sharing their ideas, thoughts, courses and what they engrossed in.

It is awesome what the internet has to share these days and new ideas are being developed as I am writing this. Sharing is what is important. How you share even more important. Think about this:

  • Do you share with an open heart?
  • Do you share because you find it a challenge, that you want to meet?
  • Do you share what’s on your mind in a manner that is not demeaning?
  • Do you share because sharing is what you value?
  • Do you share because you want to learn also and you know others have great ideas ?
  • Do you share what you have learned, morally, spiritually and intellectually?
  • Do you share the above in a non-threatening, interesting, learning manner without anger?
  • Do you share what you have learned without becoming a potty mouth?
  • Do you share by becoming a volunteer and sharing your experience?
  • Do you share all you can about your pets and how you take care of them?
  • Do you share your parenting experiences? grandparenting experiences?
  • Do you donate when you have extra?
  • Do you maintain a normal balance in your life?

Hope the above gave you some food for thought and makes you get busy instead of sitting around bored saying you have nothing to do. Find something worthwhile to do. Remember millionaires started slowly and worked hard at low paying jobs, while pursuing their dreams.

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