Tension, stress and anxiety!

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Essential Oils can they help relieve tension, stress, and that anxious feeling that is always hovering about your head like a black cloud? What a good question and of course the answer is up to you and how you feel about essential oils and whether or not you are up for learning about their benefits or maybe no benefit for you.

Think about the following as you move along here

essential oils and my health!

essential oils and my bettering my health!

essential oils and furthering your knowledge of essential oils!

essential oils and understanding how to use!

We all have times where the above, tension, stress, and anxiety are prominent in our lives. How about right before that first big date, or when you are getting ready for a test, or the interview where you have to do a video first before anyone human will even talk with you. How about this one, you are going to take your driver’s test for the first time and all of a sudden your mind goes blank. Remember your wedding where everyone else was so tense and you just wanted everything to be over with.

The world of essential oils is here for you to venture into, to see if they might improve some of the above situations and help you

Here are a few essential oils that may help with your stress and tension:

Angelica Essential Oil – Has a calming aroma – You can diffuse it, dilute it or apply it directly to the skin. Helichrysum Essential Oil – Diffuse while doing homework. – Can diffuse it, directly inhale or apply topically Spearmint Essential Oil – Uplifts and calms. Can diffuse it, directly inhale or dilute and apply to the skin.

These are just three of the essential oils that might help you. Remember always check with your physician , if you are on medications, and follow the safety rules , i have written about in my other essential oil blogs. Less is always better, than more when using oils.

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