Great grand children, what a joy!

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Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. Easter coming fast also. Read about my new affiliate Meri Meri below.

Entering the second month of 2021 we are so enjoying looking at pictures of our two great grand daughters. When our children were growing up we did not have the luxury of instant pictures on a computer. We tried to take a lot of pictures, but did not always succeed as being a Mom and Dad is a full time job itself.

We are amazed at the intelligence of each great grand child and the things they are learning. Maria, 6 months is learning strengthening exercises and her mentor Charlie. a big chocolate brown lab, sits and watches her to be sure she is doing those correctly. Her Dad and Mom love hiking and walking and Maria and Charlie go with them. Of course Maria has to wear her sunglasses. Elena about eleven months older than Maria, walking now and having a wonderful time opening locks on gates, trying to get into the kitchen to learn more about cooking from Mom or maybe Dad. She is certainly developing a taste for interesting foods. She loves salmon and avocado’s. I don’t remember any of our children eating things like that, but then again we probably didn’t eat them either. She also loves walking, riding in a wagon especially with Mom and Dad. She loves wearing her father’s hat and cries when it falls off her head.

Want to be adding more about Elena and Maria, as they grow. They are so intelligent and it is amazing what they are accomplishing.

Don’t want to forget to blow the horn and blast the whistles for all our grandchildren also. They are a unique group of adults and young people. There is a pretty big age span and interesting to see them develop into adults we are really proud of.

Parenting is not only responsibility but a joy. Enjoy while you can. Have a good structure in your home regarding discipline and love. Have a wonderful day. Hope you like the blog.

Remember this and the love that brought them together!

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