Budgeting and moving forward toward a more frugal life.

Is 2021 the year you are going to tackle an honest budget. If it is, then here we go with an updated budget.

Check your original budget reviewing what you have done so far. Make a list of what is missing. While determining that, here are some things to consider:

Budget key to learning to live frugally.

How are you handling birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, and other gifts

Car expenses and gas money! We had to buy tires for our car recently. Ouch!

Have you figured out how you will be able to save and where will you put that money so you can’t touch it?

Where are you putting things like cigarettes, adult beverages, pop?

Remember at the end of the month you should be breaking even, if you are really budgeting. In other words money going out should equal money coming in.

You should have no money at the end of each budgeting session.

Does your budget include making a list before going to the grocery store, drugstore, etc..

Charitable giving! Everyone should give something to the charity or church that touches your heart.

What about your health insurance? You can not afford to be without.

How are you handling school supplies, online expenses, tuition ?

Make a list for yourself that you can refer to as you begin to break down your budget more and more to include what for and where your money is going.

Pick one credit card at a time to deal with and then do that DEAL with it.

If you are planning a vacation when this virus is gone, will you be able to save the money for it?

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Redo the budget each month until you get one that fits you like magnificent sunglasses.


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