Aging Gracefully, a life style challenge

Not too long ago I decided to start a tribe on Tailwind, (which I love) and see what would happen. The name of my tribe is -Aging Gracefully, a life style challenge. So far, nothing, but then I am optimistic things will turn around. They always do, maybe not in the time frame I would like. Waiting is hard to do for all of us That brings to mind a gentleman waiting for the elevator, which was not very speedy, so he was banging on the elevator button. Now that was really going to help matters. Patience. Aging is like a kaleidoscope, ever changing.

Just going to talk briefly about when you are in your 20’s and 30’s.

When we are young, we look at the world with a different mirror, believing we would not grow old for a long time. We have lots and lots of time to pattern our lives and maybe we do/did some very foolish things. Think about what needs changing, or what you would like to do differently.

In our 20’s we are trying hard to find a profession, job that will bring us lots of satisfaction and make money. A difficult time, just got out of those teen years, that made you want to tear your hair out at times, now your world is changing. People you thought were friends you do not even see anymore.

In our 30’s we really would like to get married and start our family. Bringing children into the world is an awesome responsibility. It means your focus in life in life changes. Now you are about to become a parent . Another phase of life and all of a sudden a really different world appears. You learn what it means to be pregnant, how to prepare for the new life you are responsible for. What being healthy means. How important it is to work as a team surviving the first 5-6 months of being a parent. Just the start of things to come.

We will continue this discussion later. For right now determine what phase of your life you are at in your 20’s and 30’s. What is not working in your plan of life and how can you change it Your thoughts, your partners thoughts and what needs to change.

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