Parenting, not an easy gig, no matter what age we are.

Once a parent, always a parent. Begins at birth and ends when we end. Even when circumstances make the relationship very tense, hurtful and sometimes downright painful for everyone involved. It still remains you are a parent, maybe a foster parent, a grandparent or even a great grandparent.

We always want to make things better, like we were able to when our children were youngsters. We may try to tell our adult children (young adults) what they should do and why. So often that doesn’t help the situation and only time , perseverance, and patience will help bring about a resolution.

Parents , need many virtures, talents, strengths to help them. I have listed a few that may be beneficial to you.

  • Communication – not always an easy thing to do. Especially when you know your words are just hitting a wall.
  • Listen! Listen and Listen some more. Not easy when you have heard the same thing many times.
  • Patience- A tough one! One even now in my older years, I am learning.. Not always good at it.
  • Rules – Different for each age group but definitely needed. Learn by trail and error. Remember not to make the rules so rigid you are miserable trying to enforce them. Be sensible, sensitive and smart.
  • Love – Show your children lots of love! Some times that come with the title of tough love.
  • Pray! Then pray some more.

Hope you will find one of my suggestions helpful. Good luck.

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