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  • Fathers Day, Boring, Interesting, Busy, and Fun!

    Fathers Day, Boring, Interesting, Busy, and Fun!

    Father’s Day was Busy, our daughter (Cindy and son- in- law David )came over with a surprise for my husband Bill. He had been talking about all the flowers he wanted for our back yard. Knowing exactly where he wanted everything planted and what color the flowers should be. However, he would not have been […]

  • Your final wishes! Verbally, written, where?

    Your final wishes! Verbally, written, where?

    Something very informative to share with you. IN ADDITION you need to share with your family, what it is, what it contains and where you are keeping it. Young, older and older you really need to do this for your family. Grief and sorrow are difficult, but they can become even more difficult when nothing […]

  • Halloween Bingo

    Halloween Bingo fun for everyone. The evening is cold and wet. Everyone is concerned about trick or treating. So how about some fun at home for the young and old playing Bingo together. Halloween Bingo. Decorations are all planned for the evening anyway. A visit to the Dollar Store or the costume shop was a […]

  • Life in your home!

    Life in your home!

    Written January 2020 Updated 9/14/21    Sometimes poor is a state of mind and other times we just don’t know how to manage our money and lives. How to say no!  We slide from one mess to another instead of taking time to focus on cleaning up one mess, before getting into another one.  Some […]



    We had a wonderful weekend at the first family reunion in over two years. We had all ages from 90 years old to 10 months. The weather was beautiful, a little cool in the morning but it warmed up nicely during the day. There was food galore I mean everything . We had fried chicken, […]

  • Relationships! What is important.

    Relationships! What is important.

    This is an update from a blog originally written December 29, 2018. I figured an update would be good right about now as the cold and dreary days are starting to wear. To me, the most important skill is good communication.  If you do not have this you are heading for trouble, even if the […]

  • Strength defined and how you can empower yourself to use it.

    Strength defined and how you can  empower yourself to use it.

    Definition of strength – The quality or state of being physically and mentally strong. The ability of an object or substance to stand against great power, pressure or force. Others word that define strength are toughness, muscularity, vigor, energy, mentally alert. Strength is good if you learn to use it properly. Using it improperly can […]

  • Parenting, not an easy gig, no matter what age we are.

    Parenting, not an easy gig, no matter what age we are.

    Once a parent, always a parent. Begins at birth and ends when we end. Even when circumstances make the relationship very tense, hurtful and sometimes downright painful for everyone involved. It still remains you are a parent, maybe a foster parent, a grandparent or even a great grandparent. We always want to make things better, […]

  • Changes, elimate or lower stress.

    Changes, elimate or lower stress.

    Original blog 12/7/2018 Updated 7/12/21 Stress, are you overcome by the stress in your life?  Do you think you can not handle another day like the one you just had?  Dirty dishes, laundry, kids not behaving, car not working right, rain and more rain, bills to pay. You get the picture. How can you help […]