Ultimate responsibility for what you write?

Remember growing up and your mother said you have to take responsibility and accountability for your actions! Another of mother’s sayings, when your children grow up you will understand. Just wait. Those of you with little ones, time goes so fast, enjoy and remember all the little adventures. Good and bad!

Makes me think of writing a blog and what to put down in black and white. Does the person reading it really understand what you are trying to say? Are promises hinted at that are not always factual?

Your blog is a part of you and you want it to reflect your integrity. Trying to do the right thing is thought provoking and you want to suggest, help others learn and begin to stand on their own two feet. Ultimately do you want your blog to be known as a professional blog? Are your ideas new and awe-inspiring, amazing food for thought and something those following will say, oh what an adventure. One that I want to follow.

For me learning to write about essential oils and share takes up part of my day. It is humbling how much there is to learn and share properly.

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Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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