Craziness or Calm and serene!

What does a bedtime schedule mean to you and your family especially during the school year? Must -have an early morning schedule also? Does the summertime give you a first class chance to evaluate your household and determine what you like and don’t like. If you had to draw a picture of bedtime or even early morning in your home what would it look like? Like a tunnel with work to be done on either side and you struggling to get out.

Everything written about blogging focuses on planning and being organized and this is simply the same type of planning that is going to benefit you and help with those words calm and serene:

Meal planning – Benefit you for either breakfast or supper. Find easy recipes especially for the summer time that are light yet filling and easy to clean up after. Breakfast is a meal and therefore needs to be planned for.

Everyone participates in cleaning the dishes up. Resort to using paper plates if that eliminates a source of friction. The older children in the family can help with the younger ones. Your kitchen clean and dishes put away, will make you feel so much better.

Begin now to think what changes you want to make for homework. Do a chart, let everyone be involved in the brainstorming. Put it up for everyone to read and give you input. Fill the chart with everything (appointments, work schedules, sports and games) and be ready with changes before the school year begins.

What chores do you have that absolutely need to be done in the morning or evening? Can you do one thing each evening so you are not leaving this mind boggling mountain of work to be done on the weekend. Maybe you work weekends and that mountain of work would not be cool, especially for the person doing the care giving.

Bedtimes! Establish a bedtime routine and stick with it. Remember with bedtime comes bathing, snacks, reading space, television time, video time, game playing and of course, the horrible laying out of clothing during the school year. Set rules for morning time also and figure out how to eliminate the big meltdowns that occur.

Plan what you are going to do with some relaxation time. Pamper time, craft time, begin to work on that life changing blog, start thinking about essential oils and the amazing scents available for a relaxing moment or two. Input needed from that wonderful person in your life who is involved in all of this.



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