Surprising cleaning with thieves! Essential oil infused household cleaner.

In a blog a few weeks ago we talked about wiping down our master bedroom closet with Thieves and what an outstanding job it did. No streaking, no strong smell, just nice, clean and fresh. Also talked about previously the unbelievable coffee stain on the carpet in my office. It was huge. Used Thieves on it twice andI had not paid much attention to it until just the other day and it is actually fading away. Another cleaning it should be gone Again thanks to Thieves.

Last week the rod on the kitchen window fell down and had to be repaired. It is now all repaired and I thought I need to clean the the blinds. They were very dirty. Sprayed thieves (30 parts water to 1 part cleaner) on the blind and begin to clean it slowly. Used a paper towel to clean off the dirt. They are starting to look wonderful. Doing it slowly as they were so bad.

Another idea for Thieves, at least in our home. Kept finding these small bugs that roll up in especially our bathroom. Used the Thieves mixture and sprayed around the edge of the room and they are gone. The house just seems to be getting cleaner all the time.

Thieves household cleaner Essential Oil infused Household cleaner. What a joy! Please read the directions listed on the cleaner.

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