Creative Magic? Maybe! Great grand baby quilt.

We are going to begin looking at baby quilt fabric and decide on what fabric the mother to be would like.  It may end up not being baby fabric at at all. It could be something #supercreative and #inspiremagic!  Sarah is very creative with a good eye for design and color.

All our grandchildren have or had a Sam Henry quilt made for them when they were smaller.  Another day we shall talk about that quilt pattern.  I found it in a magazine many many years ago, have no idea the name of the magazine, or the designer’s name. If anyone knows the name of the pattern designer ( and can substantiate it) I would love to give credit when I do a blog on it.  More later.

It was decided that perhaps for the great grandchildren we should come up with another pattern and set a tradition for them.  So stay with us and see what is the outcome. On my Pinterest I am  looking for #baby items, animals to make, #different fabrics and boy and girl things right now  So my #sewing board, #quilt board and #great grand baby board should become interesting.

Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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