Crazy! Adorable Yellow Chicken Rain and Garden Boots.

Visit My Amazon Affiliate, which you can get to by going to in the home and click  kitchen and home accessories across the top of my blog.  There you will find the cutest pair of Sloggers Women’s Waterproof Rain and Garden Boots.  Sizes 6-10.  I put out the yellow chicken boots because I  just loved looking at them. There are pictures of 10 different colored boots with different animals and even horseshoes on one pair. What fun to wear gardening or taking care of farm animals.

I have to honestly say I never have purchased a pair for myself, and found them when I was browsing. I cannot guarantee 100% satisfaction but sincerely hope you like them.  I read a lot of the reviews, and there were many  positive, in fact very positive.   The one comment that I noticed from more than one woman was that the boots were not tight around their calve’s and roomy enough to wear warmer socks if you wished.  Most made a recommendation to buy a size larger, especially if you are going wear heavier socks. These boots are made in the USA.





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