Blogging, an opinion, a challenge!

Blogging is a challenge on some days and on other days it appears to be very easy.  Words seem to flow out of your brain and you are very proud of yourself.  Then comes the hard part, putting it together into some type of plan that you can share with others.  You think to yourself, man, I did a good job, but the comments are sparse and you wonder where did I go wrong.

So my plan of action is to work even harder to figure out what it is that people are interested in and why! Then how can I help them solve that issue?

My blog has a (what I call a drop down) that is appealing and has a nice article on how to prepare to have a relaxing physician visit, that you can put up on a bulletin board and use again.  All you have to do is leave me your e-mail address.

The second part of my plan of action is to send a newsletter monthly with bits of fun news, good information  on home, family and health, which I hope everyone will find enjoyable#challengingblog#interestingjournal#sparsecomments


Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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