Great Grandparents! We are feeling excited and blessed.

Just found out this last week that our granddaughter and her husband are going to become parents.  Needless to say we are all very excited, but it is too soon to begin buying baby presents.  That doesn’t mean I can’t blog about babies though.  They are part of my niche, home, family and health / fitness.

Looking forward this summer to attending a baby shower, and as I have had plenty of experience, I believe it is alright to express a thought or two.

There is just nothing like going to a shower where the mother-to-be comes home with 15 onesies.  Onesies are nice and very useful, but how about putting some thought into some other gifts.  In writing this blog I consider getting onesies from everyone not cool.  So I am going to help you become cool, or at least think about becoming cool.

  1. Diapers as a gift! I know not exciting, not cute, not fun. Boy oh boy they sure do cost money. Can never have too many diapers, unless everyone decides to buy infant sizes. Maybe the next size up!  Babies grow so fast.
  2. Outfits-With most couples knowing the sex of the baby before it is born, nice outfits are easier to find. I once bought an outfit, for a baby, in a hurry and knew as soon as I got it home, it was wrong!  I took as a gift anyway and thought never again.  I need to be happy with what I buy.
  3. Little boys seem to have it harder than little girls. The fashion word is finally starting to catch up and there are some #handsome#babyboyoutfits#dashingbabyboyoutfits, out there.
  4. Tons of little girl outfits available#darling#glamorous#enchantinglittlegirloutfits.
  5. Baby blankets needed, especially if the home you have is not insulated well. I see more people out with their small ones, when the temperature is in the 40’s without blankets covering them.
  6. What about going together with a couple of friends and getting some of the necessities of baby life. Think about a nice diaper bag, a changing pad to use when there is no place else to change the baby, a baby monitor, a stroller (don’t go overboard on a stroller- discuss this especially with mom and dad.  Too elegant a stroller sometimes becomes nuisance.
  7. A basket of necessities – Breast pads if mom is going to breast feed, a breast pump, diaper rash ointment, hand lotion for mom, baby wipes, a pacifier (if allowed).
  8. So many other ideas running around in my head.  Pinterest has information on #baby registries#babyswings#carseats to name a few things, as I am sure Amazon does too. At least I have given you my thoughts on being cool at a baby shower.



Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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