My Blog and discovering my Niche.

In my biography on Pinterest, I said – I am a wife, mother, grandmother and also retired. What am I doing now? Learning new things faster than my mind can absorb them. How to blog, get more traffic, find your Niche. Never thought I would ever do a blog, but here I am struggling along with the help of many other talented people. Kindness supreme is what I have found from other bloggers.

My first attempt at getting the blog going was to focus on health and fitness, but it does not seem that good a fit. Find your Niche everyone tells you. Well I am still struggling with finding my Niche. More inclined to bring family, home, health and fun into it. So it appears I am still off the tip of the funnel, however I am working on locating that Niche. My problem is I like a doing a lot of things, but really am not a master of anything.
Come and visit me at my website –, you never know when you will find something interesting as I take this one step at a time. Add me to your list to follow and tell your friends. Just put out an article on Gifts for the kind teacher you admire. Maybe not the best teacher, but one who cares especially about your children.#blog#blogaboutblogging#niche.

Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.