Gift ideas & Solutions for that kind teacher you admire.


COOKIES- Don’t have to be elaborate. If you are desperate for
time use pre-packaged cookie mixes. Then set up for a decorating
party with your family.
ESSENTIAL OIL – Find a unique way to stage using a light essential
oil scent. Fill small attractive vase or glass with potpourri and add
a few drops of the oil scent. Look for an attractive old saucer/plate
and an older white handkerchief with lace, add nice smelling
potpourri and tie with a bow. Set right in the middle of the plate.
Someone gave me a gift like that several years ago and I still have
it sitting on a table. A few drops of essential oil again on the
potpourri, not the handkerchief.
SMALL GIFT BAG – containing some lotion, maybe a bar of
handcrafted soap or a special hand creme. Could add some items
such a small package of Kleenex, some cough drops for those cold
days. Male teachers might enjoy a pair of socks, or a real
KNIT OR CROCHET? – What about finding some of these items
at craft shows if you again are pressed for time. Hot pads for hot
dishes , dish cloths, or a scrubby for tough to clean pots & pans.

Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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