Donald Duck on the telephone! Maybe, maybe not.

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The magic of the world when you are young is so wonderful! It makes your heart glad you are there to see it happening. To believe or not to believe is up to you. The enjoyment you get from such moments make your memory box just flow other.

For many years one of our granddaughters would give us a jingle, asking to speak with Donald Duck. Of course, Donald duck would come to the phone. Donald and she would have a great conversation. She is and always has been a great Disney fan. Her husband even proposed to her at Disney in front of Cinderella’s Castle.
Anyway back to the story. One year when she called, my husband finally said, you know I am Donald Duck. Dead silence on the other end of the telephone. She never called back and asked for Donald Duck again. Years later she told us it about broke her heart. #enjoyment#magic#believing.

Donald Duck cup for my husband brought back from a trip to Disney, many many years ago.

Now we have two great granddaughter’s whom we dearly love, even if it is not with hugs and kissing right now due to the pandemic. The oldest great granddaughter turned one in September and is trying to answer back her great grandfather when he talk’s like Donald Duck to her. It is so much fun listening to them. Right now she is enchanted with the Donald Duck cartoon. Especially the ones with his nephews.


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