My Blog and Consistency

My Blog and Consistency.

One step at a time with this blogging. All blogger say that consistency is very important. Consistency to me means blogging in a way that my followers will know there is another article out in my space to read. It to my way of thinking should be at least two times a week, but so far I have not been able to manage the same two days every week. My intentions are honorable, but my thoughts and images do not always let me comply.
Consistency also brings to mind being consistent in what you blog about whether it pertains to your Niche or not. Right now I know it does not for me as I want to continue with the individual pieces that all put together make a good, interesting blog. Everyone are be smart, funny, have something to say, keep it short and always have a solution for a problem. Those are the words that I remember seeing that pertain to consistency#solidity#organization#elasticity

Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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