Chronic Pain, how do you handle?

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Chronic pain is there no answer? I am reading many things about chronic pain and have come away with such a sense of sadness and wanting to help.  It sounds so trite, when I write it, but it is true..  In talking about chronic pain, there are so many kinds you wonder what the answer is. Chronic pain, describe it, define it.

There is the chronic pain associated with the mind, body and soul.  There is the feeling of helplessness the person has, but there is also the feeling of helplessness a friend, co-worker, doctor, clergy and social worker or psychiatrist has when they want to help.  I am sure a sense of frustration on the part of everyone.

Several place I read what a daily struggle it is dealing with chronic illness.  Putting a smile on your face, telling everyone you are fine and inside you are hurting. You wonder if you can finish the day out.  There was a general feeling of I will just hide away from everyone.  My wandering mind said will that help you?

Anything that is chronic, you take one day at a time.  Trying new things to change one thing.  Changing one thing and not relapsing.  Are you following the instructions given to you by your mentor, counselor or physician?  Have you tried keeping a journal to express your feelings, so at your next visit you can share.  Do you even remember what was said and what you were supposed to work on or try to do before your next visit?  Solutions are hard to come by#definechronicpa#describechronicpain#describechronicillness

Continue working with those treatments that give you some relief. They may include walking, yoga, massage, lots of cold or ice packs, heat and even using essential oils to name a few therapy’s that might ease the pain, even for a portion of the day.

Chronic pain of the mind also requires lots of work., planning, and therapy as well. You have to determine what works best for you and set up a plan , taking one day, one week at a time. Any achievement forward can give you a sense of accomplishment. Even when you have to start all over again the next day, it is important to give yourself positive strokes.


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