Holidays, be organized, come up with some surprises for everyone.

The food is done, the kitchen is cleaned and you find your family is getting restless. So be prepared. Have everyone put their cell phones away. Turn off the TV, let the fun begin. You are ready for the troops no matter what Your part is to do the work before hand. What do I mean by work? You have been working your little tushie off. Thank you.


Lists – you must use lists. It has become priority for all of us. Menu list, shopping list for holiday groceries and of course the gift lists. Add to that list any school and church functions, dance recitals etc, so you do not miss anything.

Charity – Come up with a charitable ideas for the holidays, such as feeding a family, donating time to a soup kitchen or organization serving a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal to the needy.

Christmas list – be very specific about how many gifts and the cost of each. Older family members can be very helpful, if they have done their research on where to purchase. Make it a fun thing especially for the younger ones. DESIGN A LIST FOR EVERYONE TO USE. CALL IT THE CHRISTMAS LIST. Could even do after eating on Thanksgiving if you have no guests.

Remember what traditions your family loves and even if they are lots of work do them. However assign jobs early so you all can enjoy.

Come up with some fun game- Thanksgiving or Christmas bingo. Come up with your own question and answer game. Play a hidden treasure game with the little ones. Hide one of the stocking stuffers you got for them.

Purchase all your supplies timely so you are not running around at the last minute.


REMEMBER WHAT THE HOLIDAYS ARE ABOUT. A blessing for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Set the table, make it pretty and memorable. Have your younger ones display their holiday designs on a poster board for everyone to enjoy.

After eating and cleaning up. When that restless time arrives, start with your game surprises. If you are lucky it may snow and you can include sledding and of course ice skating. Hot chocolate before bedtime and the end of a perfect day.

Just a thought to end with. Throw in a visit to those who cannot join you. Call those who are far away. Remember someone who is lonely.

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