Garden Clean Up – Autumn

Fall coming and beautiful colors will be seen. The gorgeous colors of the fall mums, Idian corn, a huge array of pumpkins and the beautiful leaves on the trees. However along with that comes a reminder that garden clean up is here also. When deciding how to clean your garden think about being sustainable, affordable and efficient or hiring an outside service.

Fall Garden chores can require an array of tools and supplies to be executed properly. Whether it be raking leaves, composting, cleaning gutters, weatherizing beds, or planting spring bulbs, a variety of sustainable products exist for these tasks! Short on time and money? There are plenty of quick and affordable options as well!

Sustainable Garden Clean-Up

Several comments on this Envirocycle composter from words like elegant, cute, adorable and incredible. Composter is small, efficient, easy to put together (take out of box, set barrel on base. No critter problems. Company stands behind product. Very proactive in trying to solve problems. Customer service is awesome, eye-opening, could give lessons to others. Follow directions for good compost and tea. Usually rolling barrel every 3 days does product good results.

Negative comments, problems with lid and lock, mentioned more than once. Rain water will fill base, composter heavy versus not heavy. Soggy compost even after adding brown material such as shredded newspaper, versus produces great compost. My plants and flowers are thriving.


Quick and Affordable Garden Clean-Up

Cost seems to the biggest factor here. However other things may impact decision to purchase these bags. Convenience, where you live, availability of stores. Worth the price! Several comments on durability, strength of bags, great for leaves, and also great for getting a large load of clothing to a thrift store, without dropping everything on the ground.

Impression was that purchaser would be getting “The Home Depot” bags and they did not. Received “Do It Best” bags and some did not like. Comments also made about the bags not being closed on the bottom. A glue problem?

Brown paper leaf bags

Hiring a Service

When all else fails you can think about hiring a service to help with your fall clean up.Look online, in the newspaper and smaller papers for ads stating will do a fall clean up. Another possibility could be hiring a neighborhood teenager to help a couple of weekend to get the job done. Of course, again cost becomes a factor, so just making suggestions.

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