The saga of the new desk!

Friday, we went to look for a new desk for my husband, who had just been released from a rehab. facility. Found the desk he wanted and instead of ordering online, daughter Mary and I went back to the store and got the remaining one in stock.

Mary decided to put the one drawer file cabinet together that night. #Directions said read entirely, which she did and she laid out all the pieces , matching all the numbers. So many small pieces and screws. She did a great job and finished about 4 hours later. Totally exhausted.

Saturday morning, around 11am , Mary backed her car up to the garage, tore open the box, unloaded the pieces to the #desk with daughter Kathy helping. The living room floor had desk pieces every where. Kathy was then supposed to count all the pieces and make sure everything was there. She give up on that job and instead put together a decorative small wagon, I purchased a couple of months ago. Unfortunately it had awful directions, therefore it took two hours to put together. It looks so pretty on the front stoop with a bowl of red roses sitting in it. Our red roses.

Enters daughter Cindy, unsuspecting into the house, but bearing gifts of sweet corn and a nice ripe tomato. Yum ! Mary allowed Cindy to help her once she realized Cindy had done this before and could be trusted. At least 9 hours later, after putting pieces together upside down (as instructed) , bending over at least fifty times, laying on the floor to make sure all the screw were tightened, moaning with pain a few times, the desk was finished and very well put together.

The important things learned from this day, #working together is an art, reading directions (which were very well written) totally before starting is imperative, feeding those working an absolute necessity, and know you will still have a mess to clean up when everyone leaves. It is all about family and learning to accept help graciously.

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