Essential Oils – How about blends!

Researching blends is just another part of the big picture of essential oils. It sure re-introduces the fact of how little I know and still have to learn.

Learning about blends, why. This may be helpful to someone who is suffering with pain, of some type, that has not been relieved by the main stream suggestions used for pain relief. Pain where there is numbness, burning, tingling of an extremity that has not only become very annoying, but almost incapacitating.

Blending appears to me to be a matter of research, research and more research. Trying a blend to see if it benefits you. If there is no benefit you begin again. Looking for the right blend and determining , ya good or no, not so good. Always consult your medical care physician with questions and concerns.

*There appear to be two rules (which I took right from Essential Oils for Beginners -Althea Press – The Guide To Get Started with Essential Oils and Aromatherapy). Two rules for blending essential oils are – First essential oils that have lighter, thinner stream when poured are usually more aromatic (volatile) then those that are thicker. Lighter smaller molecules than their viseous counterparts. Second – body absorbs light, small molecules faster than larger, heavier one. The smaller the molecules a blend contains, the faster the blend is metabolized. The opposite is true of larger molecules. These are absorbed slowly and remain in the system longer.

Safety precautions again and again: Keep blend in dark colored bottle out of sunlight. Blend older than 6-9 month-do not apply. Use a blend for a few days and then give your body a break or switch to another blend. Always follow diluting instructions. Less is more! Remember that with oils.

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