Knee pain

As we all age and we all do, don’t think that phase of life is just going to magnificiently pass you by, no matter what television tells you, knee pain seems to be the norm.

Remember learning something new such as how to do cheering, run cross country or just a new dance and all of a sudden you had bad knees! Before determining if you really have bad knee you need to talk with your health professional.

To decide what to do next about your knee pain you need to evaluate your life style. Think about what you have done in the last few weeks. Did the pain came up suddenly or has your pain been of a long duration? What have you and your health professional determined when you have discussed the situation? What do your x-rays show if they were needed.

You evaluate here, you know your body and what you can do and can’t do. Always better to be safe than sorry. However being a couch potato is not good, nor being a food grazer. Is your pain joint related, or is it due to an old injury? Is surgery needed or would you really benefit from weight loss and exercise. Plan has to include moving more. Now don’t rush out and decide you are going to walk two miles the first day. Go slowl

Essential oils and alternative treatments might be beneficial. All of this takes time to evaluate and research. I will share when I come up with recipes that might help. In the meantime get busy, get going, make a plan for each week on what you are going to do different.#kneepain#jointpain#exercise

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