Dancing! Kindness! Having a blast!

At the event we attended this last weekend, there was a young lady, and I do mean young, somewhat overweight dressed in a lovely party dress.
When I first noticed her she was on the dance floor, having a blast following all the dance steps with one of our older granddaughter’s. These were the dances that the younger generations love to move with.
She never faltered in her steps and following , our granddaughter in whatever she did. Making her shoulders and hips move as our granddaughter’s did. Wanted to thank our granddaughter for caring and her kindness.
I heard later that this young lady is not always treated nicely at the school she attends. Made my heart sad, but I say kudos to her, for getting up to dance and for having a terrific time dancing her heart out.  She could have just sat in her chair.
I need to think about this but maybe what is known today as bullying is something I can talk more about another day#dancing#blast#terrific time

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