February – Right around the corner,Ground Hogs day, Valentine’s Day and Spring Cleaning!

February – Where did January go? Before we know it Spring will be here. When I was young our mothers always did what was called spring cleaning. Believe me we all worked. So I am thinking about my spring cleaning list or the big to do list. If you can not afford to get someone to assist you then start by doing the smaller things yourself. Be creative to see if you can get help from members of your family. Here is the list I have begun:

Declutter -That literally means getting rid of things. Like tearing up old lists, and other paperwork. Getting rid of old newspapers and magazines. Going through pictures, saving what you want and putting the others in albums. My office is a perfect example of something that needs decluttered. These are just suggestions and I am sure you have many more. Sometimes decluttering projects can cause big discussions between family members. Hang in there and think how good, how clean everything will be if you follow through.

Clean the Closets
Try on clothes that have been in your closet for a while. If you don’t wear them or they don’t fit anymore, put into a bag. When that bag is full, as fast as your legs can carry you, take it to the nearest thrift or donation center. Do the same thing with all your closets. Look at shoes, articles on the top shelves. We all know the routine but you have to start and follow through.

New Paint? – Inside or out! What colors! Inside you need to think what preparation has to be done if painting is the name of the game! Carpets do they also need shampooing after the painting is done?

Start your list for flowers and gardens. Many people probably have already done this. If someone is really passionate about gardening and has a green house or a basement to start seeds, they might already be doing this.

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Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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