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New adventure promoting Young Living Essential Oils. I am truly impressed with how they work on the highest quality of their oils and the messages they send out with their Seed to Seal process.

I am what is called a newbie, but that is OK. Right now I am a newbie in several areas. Always trying to learn.

We love using lavender in our diffuser. It has made such a difference in our sleeping patterns. I used to stay up at night from about 1AM to 4AM, after I had read for about an hour in bed. This was not a one night thing, but something I knew would happen repeatedly. Since Christmas when we started using our diffuser (another blog) with 4-5 drops of lavender oil and distilled water. I usually sleep most of the night. I can honestly say I have only gotten up one night and then I only stayed up about an hour. It has been amazing. My husband is interested learning about other oils now. For example what can be blended and what can not.
Just got some new oils(new to me) to try out and I will share the results and my husbands thoughts with you. If you have any questions let me know. If you are interested in what else is available, I have listed my member number below to use to find out about membership and distributor ship.

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Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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