January -for a tech deficient relatively new blogger, was extremely busy!

January has absolutely flown by. With the helpful expertise of our grandson (Will- college graduate) my blog has improved, all the design work on my Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, has been with the creative influence of Will. Hope you have visited one of those sites to see what has been accomplished and what is a work in progress. He is so talented and can make a computer literally fly.

We have met two times now and each time I am totally amazed at what he can accomplish. I tell him what I know needs done and he gets it. Some times I totally understand and other times I honestly say, “I could never, in a hundred years have done that by myself. We do not always agree on colors and designs, but eventually we come to something we both like.

He understands that this is all new to me. We did not do this type of thing when I was in college. Even then this is not what I would have thought I would ever be doing. Now everything is intriguing, interesting and certainly a new education for me.#techdeficient#newblogger#creativeinfluence.

Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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