Focus of blog in 2019

Changing the focus, a bit, of  in 2019.  Will be including more about home and family.  Telling stories about our wonderful, multi-cultural, diversified family.  How we come together and always try to remain friends.  The things we have learned from each other, and of course some of the things we disagree on.  We had six children and now there are 18 grandchildren, no great greats yet.  One granddaughter married, another, grandson to be married in March and a couple of grands with nice girl and boy friends.

Included in the home, family and health, we will be discussing budgets and how to live on one, saving for the future, reflect on things like should everyone be made to pursue college, keeping communication open, and more. No reason we can’t discuss blogging once in a while. After all writing is good for us.  Even though my family is older, I am a mother and grandmother and have experienced many of the same things parents today are going through.

My Niche will be everything that is involved in raising a family, how it evolves and is still evolving even today. The changes everyone has to make as we enter each new phase of our lives. Solutions may be a bit tougher, but we will share what we have tried and how or if it worked.  You see that is what a family is all about, working to solve issues, when you are not always sure the solution is the best answer.

Hope you will come and visit my blog and enjoy it. Website is and my Pinterest site is Barb’s Selections.

Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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