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Sounds like quite a challenge to me, however I am going to try and do it. What if I had worked hard to lose some weight and wanted now be sure it stayed off. Hopefully I would turn to some form of exercise that could be done all year around. It would take a dedicated plan of walking, running, doing some form of other physical exercise at least several times a week, to begin to look fit. Also at the same time maintaining my diet plan. Adding new recipes to try, deleting those that are disgusting, may be taking a break once in a while. A big job.

That being said, possibly now I could begin to think about enhancing my wardrobe. Throwing away those larger older styles and buying some new and especially flattering inexpensive clothing. A nice jacket that could be worn with any color of pants and a top to dress everything up.
It would be fun to find a nice pair of jeans to wear tailgating or to a basketball game when the season begins and have everyone tell you how nice you look. Putting a big grin on your face and making your husband, wife or significant other so proud.

These thoughts are purely informational only and my ideas.

Your comments appreciated.