Health Plan-General Information

Have you already had meetings at your place of employment discussing the options your employer has put in place for the coming year?

Yes!  Of course the first thing you did was to take the whole package you were given home, and said to your husband, wife, or significant other, we need to read and discuss.   Or maybe everything is done online now.  Either way it is your responsibility to fill out information asked for and return to appropriate person or place.  Most most important finish timely.  Too late to play the he said, she said game when a claim or bill is in question.

But, But I do not use a computer!  How about your phone?   I bet you know how to use it, click to get to the right place, read information and determine what to do.

Understand the options available to you and your family?  If not, you need to discuss with your human resource person, a plan counselor at your place of employment or a member of the health plan team.

A good question to ask if you are a new employee for this employer, do they have benefits for you or when do you and your family become eligible?

More another day!   Take care.  This article is informational only.  Hope it helps.


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