Better health means less stress?

Better health means less stress? Good question and I surely do not have all the answers, but maybe the suggestions listed below will help.

Try to get a better handle on the stress in your life. Sounds simple but we know it isn’t.
It seems that we want everything done immediately and if not immediately, yesterday will do.
Everywhere you look there are opportunities for losing weight, getting fit, eating healthy, how to stop smoking! So much is thrown at us, that it becomes difficult to get a handle on what possibly is our core problem. So what happens we become more stressed.
Here are ideas to think about to begin working on that healthier life style you want.
Say a short prayer daily asking for help with your challenges!

Say thank you at the end of the day.

Be motivated! Tiring, yes but it helps.

Small steps forward, be happy!

Share only what you wish with others.

Seek professional help, if needed.

See updated blog done one 10/12/20

Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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